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Eugene O'Neill Society Membership

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Society Membership is from January 1 through December 31 of the year for which you are paying.
Members receive for the year their dues are paid:

1) All editions of The Eugene O’Neill Review published that year
2) Bi-annual Society Newsletter
3) Call for Paper information for conferences and the Review as sponsored by the Society
4) Voting members of the Society.
5) A JSTOR account that allows access to all back issues of the Review

There are different categories of membership that you can choose to join or renew with:

New Member: $25 (for each of the first two years of membership)
Regular Member: $45
Student Member: $15
(for students up to the graduate university student level)
Emeritus Member: $45
Two-in-One Household: $60
Sustaining Member: $75
(gives you Regular Membership, but allows you to give more to the Society for its continuing work)
Lifetime Membership: $750 (a one-time charge that gives you Society membership for your remaining lifetime)

Please select your appropriate membership levels below:

Choose your membership:

Choose these optional memberships:

We have added a button below marked “Donate” because many members have voiced the desire to give an additional amount to the Society above and beyond their membership dues. We would be grateful to have you do that, but be sure to first choose a membership from the categories we have designated and then donate to the Society as a separate action. Pay Pal will provide you with a record of having done so (be sure to save or print your receipt from the online transaction).