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Welcome to the Eugene O'Neill International Society

The Eugene O’Neill Society is a nonprofit international association formed in 1978 to promote the study of the life and works of Eugene O’Neill, America’s greatest playwright. The Society also celebrates the drama and theatre for which his work was in large part the catalyst and model for American Theatre in the 20th Century and beyond. Eugene O’Neill was awarded four Pulitzer Prizes and is the only American playwright to have received the Nobel Prize.

12th International Conference on Eugene O'Neill
Mythos and Masks: Eugene O’Neill in Ancient and Modern Contexts

May 27-31, 2025, University of Athens, Athens, Greece

Read about our commitment to diversity and A Bibliography of Diversity in O’Neill that aims to highlight how themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion shed light on the work of Eugene O’Neill

Our Mission

Because of the scope of O’Neill’s impact on the theatre and because of his stature and importance as an American intellectual and artist, the Society’s members unite in the exploration of O’Neill’s life and works by means of:


  • historical and critical writing;

  • the creation of artistic performances on stage, film, television, radio, and recordings;

  • the amassing of historical documentation;

  • advocating for the preservation of important historic sites associated with O’Neill’s life and work, and;

  • promoting publications devoted to topics relating to O’Neill


The subjects of study include not only Eugene O’Neill and his works, but also all aspects of American and world theatres. For these purposes, members of the Society select times and appropriate occasions to hold international conferences (typically every three years), to meet at theatrical performances of his works, and to gather at historic sites related to the O’Neill legacy. The Society also fosters panels, discussions, and literary works generated specifically to further understanding of O’Neill as an artist, innovator, and world figure. Society members include theatre professionals (directors, actors, designers, producers, dramaturgs), academics (teachers, students, administrators), collection curators, and all those directly and tangentially concerned with preserving Eugene O’Neill’s legacy.

Publications by Our Members

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